The Past And The Future

​Founded in 1565 and boasting a history of pirates and buccaneers, St. Augustine claims to be the oldest city in the continental United States. After experiencing both Spanish and British rule, the area was ceded to the nascent United States 200 years ago. However, the city’s Old World charm does not prevent it from looking forward to a bright future.

Working In St. Augustine

Northeast Florida is one of the fastest-growing regions in America. In St Johns County specifically, 74% of the workforce have post-secondary education, and 95% of the workforce have completed high school education. Many educational partners offer customized skills training for specialized tasks.  You will find a great number of military veterans in local, regional and state talent pool.

Getting There – And Staying There

The city is easy to reach, situated just 40 miles down the east coast from Jacksonville (and thus within easy reach of Interstates 10 and 95). However, many residents feel little need to leave, enjoying a flourishing arts scene, a fabulous downtown shopping area and a great many excellent restaurants.

Business Opportunity In St. Augustine

Located in Northeast Florida’s logistics center, St. Johns County offers business convenient, cost-effective connectivity to state, national and global markets, as well as an active and committed Chamber of Commerce. St. Johns County has “shovel-ready” sites with infrastructure, utilities & fiber-optics lines in addition to strong community support for capital investment & commercial design.