Spotlight On Southwest Florida: Bradenton

Beautiful Bradenton

With a total population of 53,654 people, Bradenton Florida, in Manatee county, is 11 miles north of Sarasota and 31 miles south of Tampa. It's located on the beautiful Gulf Coast. The city includes Palmetto, along with the barrier islands of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island. The region is surrounded by waterways and offers year-round sunshine. The area is well known for its excellent beaches and recreational activities.

​Things To Do

​Residents and tourists alike enjoy the pristine beaches, boating, and fishing that the area offers. The region offers numerous quality golf courses including the River Run Golf Links. Myakka River State Park features an abundance of wildlife and rare birds. It includes hiking trails and offers boat tours as well. At nearby Ana Maria Island, visitors have opportunities to see egrets, manatees, dolphins and other types of wildlife.


In Bradenton, the summers are long, hot, wet, and mostly cloudy. In contrast, the winters are short, cool, windy, and most often partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 53°F to 89°F and is rarely below 40°F or above 93°F.

History of Bradenton

Hernando De Soto arrived in 1539. He explored the area for gold and other riches. The city was named in tribute to Dr. Joseph Braden, who provided refuge in his fort-style home to residents during Native American uprisings. The current version of the city was established in 1943 by merging the municipalities of Manatee and Bradentown.

Business Opportunities in Bradenton

The fact that Southwest Florida is the fastest-growing area in the country means that great things are on the horizon for business owners here. With population growth comes the demand for services, restaurants, housing, retail shopping and jobs. Consequently, for business owners, population growth means a steady flow of new customers to the area. Furthermore, it gives more opportunities for new businesses to open, in order to serve all of these customers who have recently relocated. Also, as construction continues to boom, new businesses will be required to serve those areas that are newly developed. Additionally, the development of these areas serves as an opportunity for existing businesses to expand or new businesses to pop up. Bradenton is known for its independent small businesses, and they are thankfully thriving.