Want to sell a business?

Your business is important to you and it is important to us. After all, it's not just a business. It is a living monument to your time spent, hours logged, sleep lost, and hard work. It is an accumulation of sweat, tears, achievement, and success. Have you thought about what would happen when you are ready to sell your business?

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Why use a Business Broker?

There are many reasons why now is the time to get in touch with a professional.

  • you deserve to get the best price for your business
  • the sale of your business needs to be kept confidential
  • you need to keep focused on running your business
  • just because you are a great business owner, that doesn't mean you will be a successful business broker in this situation
  • we have an extensive database of buyers already looking to purchase
  • the process is not often straightforward
  • you will dramatically improve your chances of sale completion with professional support
  • always remember that not all business brokers were created equal, so it's important to get the right one on your side
Green & Co. Business Brokers- Leading Business Broker in Southwest, Central & West Central Florida, Serving Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa Bay, St.Petersburg, Orlando... I Florida Business Broker I Businesses For Sale...

The 10 step business sale process:

Selling your business is a journey, and at the outset, you don't need to decide whether you will actually end up selling. As you go through the stages, you will make those decisions along the way.

1.   Initial Meeting

When we first make contact, we will arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your current position, personal aspirations, company performance, and a number of other factors. We will explain what we do, how we do it, and what you can expect from us.

2.  Financial Recast and Opinion of Value

We will review your business. After having recast your financial records, will apply a number of different valuation methods to give you an opinion of value. This will include comparisons to similar businesses that have previously sold. The review typically considers everything from sales to receivables, inventories and other assets, as well as outstanding debt or liens. The goal is to identify business threats and opportunities that define value. Ultimately this process leads us to a good idea of the expected value of your business.

3.  Listing

This is your first commitment. However, at this stage, it is only that you would like us to confidentially market your business with a view to finding a buyer. We will obtain photographs, asset and inventory lists, and any other information that will enable us to create a listing, advertisements, marketing, and a Confidential Business Review, which is the buyer's information brochure.

4.  Advertising and Promotion

We know the most effective ways to get the word out to potential buyers that we have a fabulous business opportunity to offer them, without breaching the all-important confidentiality factor. We utilize the latest marketing technology to promote your business. It will not only be included in the multiple listing services, but it will be featured on over 100 different websites.

5.  Buyer Inquiries and Qualification

All potential buyers that contact us are required to enter into a non-disclosure agreement. We explain to them the importance and implications of maintaining confidentiality. They are also required to confirm that they are, indeed, in a financial position to execute a purchase if we do come to an agreement. Only then will we provide any further detailed information about the business. It will be in the form of a confidential Buyers Information Packet.

6.  Meeting Between the Parties

After having reviewed the Buyer's Information Packet, if the buyer is interested in moving forward in the process, then a meeting is likely to be arranged to bring buyer and seller together. Normally this takes place away from the business site, in order to discuss the business and its performance to-date.

7.  Offer / Counter Offer / Agreement

If the buyer wishes to make an offer, we will get an official 'Offer to Purchase' from the buyer. This will be presented to you. At this time, you may accept the offer, reject the offer, or make a counter offer.  We will assist the parties with negotiations, as we all try to find a meeting of minds and ultimately an Agreement to Purchase. At this time, a deposit will be provided by the buyer and held by the escrow partner.

8.  Due Diligence

The buyer will have a pre-agreed amount of time to inspect all aspects of the business, including financial records. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications as they see fit.  We will facilitate each step of the way and help to keep both parties working towards the same common goal: closing.

9.  Escrow

Once the buyer has completed due dilligence and the contingency has been removed, the agreement becomes a 'Binding Offer for Purchase and Sale.' The agreement is forwarded to the escrow partner, who will prepare all of the documents for closing.

10. Closing

The closing is our final step. Upon the signing and exchange of the documents, as well as the delivery of funds, the ownership of the business is transferred to the new owner.

Next Steps...

The first step to planning and completing your exit strategy is to speak with us about your thoughts, plans, and goals. Remember, unless we get you to the closing table, with the deal that is right for you, we earn nothing! Give us a call for a confidential chat!