Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Jim Albertson
Jim’s Role at Green & Co.Jim Albertson is a Florida business broker with Green & Co. specializing in buying and[...]
How to Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes Business Sellers Make
Selling as many businesses as we do, it’s easy to pick out which mistakes we see business owners make most[...]
How to Retain Customers After a Business Sale
A common concern for a buyer of an existing business is customer retention after the business changes hands. It's normal[...]
The 4 Main Components of a Successful Business Marketing Plan
For business owners wanting to take their business to the next level and be competitive in today’s business landscape, a[...]
Why the First Offer Is Usually the Best Chance of Selling Your Business
There’s an old cliché adage in the sales world of “the first offer is usually the best offer.” We wanted[...]
Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Logan D. Lee
Logan’s Role at Green & Co.Logan is a Florida business broker, specializing in small to medium-sized business sales. He assists[...]
Florida’s Economy is Actually Stronger Now than Before Covid
According to an article published by CNN Business, there are five states (Florida among them) where their economies are stronger today,[...]
Buying a Business: Register for Tax Certificates
The Florida Department of Revenue requires that all Florida businesses register with them for tax purposes. Since every business is completely[...]
Buying a Business: Getting New Insurance in Place Before Closing
Closing time can be stressful for buyer and seller, because there is so much to do to get ready for[...]
How it Works When Vehicles are Included in a Business Sale
One often confusing part of a business sale transaction is how vehicles are dealt with and transferred from the seller[...]
Last Chance for Buyers to Take Advantage of the SBA Loan Incentives
Time is running out for buyers to take advantage of the amazing incentives that the SBA is offering to buyers[...]
Buyers: What Your Short-Term Business Plan Should Look Like
For buyers who are purchasing an existing business, it is super important to develop short-term and long-term business plans before[...]
Get to Know the Green & Co. Team: Tammy Heisler
Tammy’s Role at Green & Co.Tammy is the office administrator at Green & Co. Business Brokers, and she is also[...]
Why Having Lender Pre-Qualification Is Important
If you’ve been browsing through businesses for sale, you might have seen the term “Lender Pre-Qualified” on some of the[...]
Florida’s Hottest Business Listings: HVAC Companies
There is no doubt that HVAC companies (Air Conditioning Contractors) in Florida have always been a popular listing with buyers.[...]
New SBA Program For Restaurants and Bars Impacted By COVID
Undisputedly the restaurant and hospitality industry is one of the hardest hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the SBA recently[...]
How Buyers Can Make a Competitive Offer in a Seller’s Market
The market for good businesses in Florida has never been hotter than it is right now. For a buyer, the[...]
Is My Business Listing Underpriced?
Just like the real estate market in Florida, the business sales market is booming. It is a seller’s market here,[...]
What it Means To Sell a Business Cash-Free and Debt-Free
In our industry of small business sales, most businesses are sold cash-free and debt-free. This is very different to the[...]
Work In Progress Explained
Many businesses have big jobs and long projects that will have been started prior to the closing of their business[...]
What To Expect At Closing
Leading up to closing, both buyer and seller will be communicating with the closing attorney’s office to get them everything[...]
Meet Our Furry Friends: The Dogs (and Cats) of Green & Co.
Here at Green & Co. we love our furry friends, so we thought that the world might enjoy meeting them[...]
What Type of Business Should I Buy?
As business brokers, buyers and investors are always asking us, “What type of business should I buy?” The answer to[...]
Sell Your Business and Stay On as an Employee
It happens much more often than you would expect. A business owner chooses to sell their company, but then they[...]
When Is the Right Time For a Price Reduction?
Getting the asking price right on your business listing is one of the most critical factors in getting it sold.[...]
Why Isn’t My Business Selling?
In today’s competitive business sales market, if your business listing has been on the market for months, and hasn’t received[...]
Why A 12 Month Listing Period Is Necessary In Business Sales
Some business owners are a little shocked when they first hear that business brokers in Florida typically work on a[...]
Who’s Behind the English Accents at Green & Co?
If you’ve seen any of our videos, chances are, you’ve heard an English accent. But did you know that we[...]
Why Equity Firm Buyers Are On Our Radar
Historically, small business buyers are typically owner-operators or other businesses in the same industry who are growing via acquisition. It’s[...]
Florida Business Sales in 2020 Compared to 2019
2019 was a very robust year for business sales in Florida. In fact, over the past several years, we’ve seen[...]
2021 Already Sees Record Number of Business Buyers
Industry experts in business sales keep projecting that in the next 5-7 years, we will have more businesses on the[...]
Sellers: What Info We Need to Value Your Business & Why
For business owners who are thinking of selling or wanting to find out what their business is worth in today’s[...]
Business Was Bad In 2020…Can I Still Sell?
2020 was unfortunately not kind to many small businesses, so a number of business owners are wondering what to do[...]
The Importance of Getting an Appraisal When Selling Commercial Real Estate
When we list a business for sale that will include the commercial real estate as part of the assets of[...]
How a Business Broker Is Different Than a Real Estate Agent
Because what business brokers do is so specialized and unique, there is often some confusion from the general public about[...]
Addressing Common Buyer Worries
We understand that buyers can be nervous about purchasing an existing business, especially first-time buyers. Buyers who have never gone[...]
Here’s What Selling in 2021 Looks Like
If you are a business owner who is thinking of selling your business now that the new year is here,[...]
Buyers: SBA Loan Incentives Are Back!
Who doesn’t want free money? This is essentially what the SBA is currently offering to buyers for qualified business acquisitions[...]
Assuming Risk When Buying a Business
Buyers are often shocked to find out that after the closing of the business sale, they assume all of the[...]
How Business Brokerage Works In Florida
Because the process of business sales varies greatly from state to state, it’s important for all of our out of[...]
Deal CPR: What Happens When Things Go Wrong
When buyer and seller come to a meeting of the minds and they “go under contract,” the road to closing[...]
New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses
It’s a new year, a chance to start fresh, and the opportunity to make improvements for the better. Just like[...]
Is This Business Overpriced?
We get it...buyers have gotten used to seeing businesses for sale that are wildly overpriced. It’s a real problem in[...]
5 Paths For Businesses Through Tough Times
The ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused difficulties for a lot of businesses, both big and small. There[...]
Current Buyer Trends in the Market
2021 is around the corner and the business sales market is poised to continue booming in the new year. January[...]
End of the Year Checklist For Small Businesses
As the end of 2020 gets near, it’s important for businesses to start thinking of wrapping things up for the[...]
Selling Your Business in the New Year
Most of us are all ready to kiss 2020 goodbye, and with the dawning of the new year, many business[...]
S Corps Explained
When we talk to sellers about their business entity or buyers ask about setting up their new business entity, there[...]
Buyers: You Want to Make an Offer, Now What?
You’ve found a business that excites you and makes financial sense for you to move forward with purchasing. After getting[...]
5 Secrets to a Successful Sale
We have had the honor and pleasure to help many buyers and sellers get to the closing table with their[...]
What Buyers Want In A Business
Business owners who are thinking of selling their business often ask us, “What are buyers looking for?” This is a[...]
Buying a Business in the Current Market
We never could have imagined that a world-wide pandemic would have sparked a business buying frenzy here in Florida, but[...]
Update on Business Sales in Florida
We have entered the last quarter of 2020, and what a crazy year it has been. We wanted to give[...]
Our View On Earn-Outs
What Is An Earn-Out? An earn-out is a contingent payout, which essentially involves shifting some of the purchase price to[...]
Buying a Business: Registering or Transferring a Florida DBA
Many businesses choose to operate under a Fictitious Name, Trade Name, or a “Doing Business As” (DBA), instead of using[...]
The Green & Co. Difference
When we started Green & Co., we wanted to make a big splash in the business brokerage industry by upsetting[...]
Buying A Business: Equipment Inspections
If you are buying a business that includes a sizable value of equipment, then it is advisable that an equipment[...]
What is a Financial Recast and Why is it Important?
If you’ve decided that you want to sell your business, we first need to look at the numbers to determine[...]
Why You Shouldn’t Pay For A Valuation When Selling Your Business
If you are thinking of selling your business, the first thing you will likely ask is, “What’s my business even[...]
Buying a Business: Getting an EIN Number After You Set Up A New Business Entity
For business buyers who are purchasing a business, after they set up their Florida business entity on and have[...]
How Could PPP Funds Affect The Sale Of Your Business?
If your business received PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) funds from the CARES Act, how will it affect the sale of[...]
Buying A Business: Setting Up A Florida Business Entity
Any business operating in Florida needs to be registered with the Florida Division of Corporations. In order to do that,[...]
A Seller’s Market Is Here
Supply and demand creates either a buyer's or a seller’s market in business sales. For a few years now, while[...]
Green & Co.’s Richard Green Recognized As One Of Florida’s Top Business Brokers
We are immensely proud to announce today that our Owner and Founder, Richard Green, was awarded two honors from our[...]
3 Reasons To Buy An Existing Franchise VS Start A New One
A franchise can be a great option for many entrepreneurs, due to the support, marketing, processes and procedures, and training[...]
Financing Realities To Consider When Selling Your Business Now
For business owners who WANT to sell now or NEED to sell their business now, there are some realities that[...]
Financial Assistance Options For Business Owners
Small businesses are scrambling to take advantage of the financial resources available to them, us included. It’s difficult to keep[...]
Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Business?
“Is now really a good time to sell my business?” That’s the number one question I am getting from business[...]
Small Business Survival During Unprecedented Times
We are scared too. Just like you, we are small business owners living in unprecedented times of great uncertainty. We[...]
Green & Co. Remains Open For Business
Like most of you, we have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 here in Florida and throughout the world.[...]
Buying A Business: Asset Sale vs Stock Sale
Normally (with a few exceptions), when a business broker lists a small business for sale in Florida, it is what’s[...]
Inventory In Florida Business Sales
In our business asset sale contracts in Florida, for businesses with inventory, the inventory is normally included in the contract[...]
Green & Co. Business Brokers Opens Sarasota Office Location
While Green & Co. has been successfully conducting business in the Sarasota/Bradenton area for years now, we have been doing[...]
Asset Purchase Contract Explained
When a prospective buyer of a business wants to take the next step by putting in an offer on a[...]
Your Exit Strategy: How A Business Broker Can Help
If you are thinking that it might be the right time to consider your exit strategy from your business, then[...]
Is Your Business Saleable?
As Business Brokers, one of the biggest factors that we look at when we are considering taking on a new[...]
5 Ways To Figure Out If A Business Is Right For You
1) The Bottom Line Meets Your Financial Goals First thing’s first: you want to make sure that the business makes[...]
How To Become A Business Broker In Florida
If you are interested in becoming a Business Broker in Florida, here are the steps to take, in order to[...]
Become A Business Broker With Green & Co.
Business Brokers have exciting careers. We specialize in selling businesses, slightly similar to the way a Real Estate Agent sells[...]
Grow Your Business Via Acquisition
There is no better way to expand and grow your current business, than by purchasing another existing business to merge[...]
When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Business?
How do you decide when it's the right time to sell your business? Is your geographical area or industry growing[...]
Green & Co. FAQs
We love talking to potential buyers and sellers about what we do and how we do it differently than every[...]
The Benefits of Seller Financing
When I first mention offering seller financing, many business owners who are listing their business for sale are reluctant to[...]
Selling A Business That Is Suffering
From time to time, we are contacted by business owners who say, “Sales are suffering, can I still sell my[...]
Using An SBA Loan To Buy A Business
If you have $100,000 in cash to purchase a business with, you might be able to find a business that[...]
A Business Valuation Explained
The time has come to sell your business, and you want to know how much it’s worth. It is understandably[...]
Leading Southwest Florida Business Brokers
Richard J. Green is leading the pack of Southwest Florida business brokers. As evidenced by his stellar customer reviews and[...]
Top 3 US Visas For Foreign Investors
 Living in the United States is undeniably a magnet for people from countries all over the world. Whether they are[...]
5 Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them
Owning a small business can be a challenging and life-consuming endeavor. Ask any business owner and they will most likely[...]
Why Naples is a Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Naples: The Paradise Coast  With a population of only about 22,000 people, Naples is the hot-spot of the Paradise Coast.[...]
Sarasota and Sarasota County are Growing at Surprising Rates
Southwest Florida is seeing unprecedented growth. More and more people are moving full-time to the area, and they aren’t just[...]
The Due Diligence Period Explained: Helpful Tips for Both Buyers and Sellers
Due Diligence is one of the most important parts of any business sale transaction. The buyer has decided that they[...]
Does your business have a hurricane plan?
Two days after Hurricane Irma passed through Southwest Florida, we were still without power. Sick of eating beef jerky, crackers,[...]
Why Having An Exit Strategy Is Important For All Business Owners
Having an exit strategy is often viewed as irrelevant to business owners who are happy with their business and have[...]
Buying a Business: The Purchase Process
If you are thinking of purchasing an existing business, rather than starting one from the ground up, here is what[...]
Southwest Florida Is Growing: What That Means For Business
Forbes’ list of America’s fastest-growing cities in 2017 included 6 Florida metropolitan areas in the top 10. Actually, 5 of[...]
Top 7 Reasons To Use A Business Broker When Selling Your Business
Thinking of selling your business? It pays to get professional help to do it.Business brokers list businesses for sale, and[...]
5 Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Business In Order To Retire
Small-business owners frequently finance part of their retirement by selling their companies; however, retirement planning is especially complicated for business[...]
10 Things to Consider Before Making an Offer to Buy a Business
If you have decided to buy a business, rather than start a completely new business from scratch, here are 10[...]
Meet the Face of Green & Co. Business Brokers – Richard J. Green
Richard is a licensed Florida Business Broker with over 30 years of experience in the business arena, both in the[...]
9 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Sale
If you've spent years, maybe even a lifetime, building a small business and are starting to think about retiring or[...]
Spotlight On Southwest Florida: Venice
Venice is a city in Sarasota County, Florida, United States. The city includes what locals call "Venice Island," a portion[...]