Mobile Heavy Diesel Repair - 71432

Price - $249,000    Owner Benefit - $48,123

This mobile diesel mechanic business operates with a priority of keeping the local trucking industry's vehicles moving to their destination.  They specialize in Emergency Road Service and have dedicated day and night road service technicians with stocked mobile service trucks.  For the most common road breakdowns they carry airbags, brake chambers, glad hands, air lines, air hoses, batteries, fuel, fittings, valves and hub caps on their service trucks. Larger repairs that cannot be covered by Emergency Road Service, require a shop location.  The local facility in Bradenton can accommodate heavy duty trucks and there is a large storage lot for trailers.  Maybe the axle is broken on a trailer, no problem since the yard is big enough to pull or back into. They can handle small repairs from air valves up to large slider box replacements. 

This is a family owned and operated business repairing heavy duty trucks and trailers.  Established in 2010 by the previous owner who was in the industry for 30 years as an owner operator of a commercial truck company and then a large truck repair facility.  The current owner continues to run this firm with the same philosophy, “Good work ain’t cheap and Cheap work ain’t good”.  This business offers an exciting opportunity to a new owner that has a knowledge of vehicle repair mechanics with the ability to work on a vehicle themselves if it is needed. Over the past 10 years, outstanding customer relationships have been established, including with major manufacturing and warehouse customers in the area as well as other area truckers.  

The firm has had a consistent history of financial stability.  There was a trucking slowdown that started in 2019 and then was exacerbated in 2020 by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  But late in 2020, the business began to rebound, and it appears that 2021 will see the business growing to pre-Covid revenue levels.

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