The Past And The Future

While Marco Island’s known history dates back over 1500 years, the incorporation of the city itself is rather more recent; after several attempts starting with the 1870 founding of the village of Marco, the city in its current form was incorporated in 1997. Significant development on the island began in 1960, and has led to a thriving community with its own Chamber of Commerce whose members represent a wide variety of industry sectors.

Working On Marco

Marco Island’s greatest asset is, without a doubt, its beaches. These are known far and wide for their beauty, with devotees in and outside of Florida. Much of the island is residential, and these two things drive a business climate dominated by tourism and residential services.

Getting There – And Staying There

The S.S. Jolley bridge, opened in 1969 and expanded in 2011, is the way to reach Marco by car. This bridge connects the island with Naples on Florida’s mainland, and as such puts it within easy reach of US Highway 41 and Interstate 75.

Marco Island’s parks, as well as the beaches mentioned above, are well maintained and much loved by the community – and with excellent shopping as well as the wider array of attractions in nearby Naples, it is at once an exciting and relaxing place to spend time.

Business Opportunity On Marco Island

With over 400 members, the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of resources for entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves in the area. Marco and Naples are both highly affluent, and many businesses cater to this population – it is believed that the area is home to the highest per-capita number of billionaires anywhere in the world.