Jim Stone

Business Broker 



Jim and family enjoying some post-race time.

Jim received his Real Estate Broker’s license in Massachusetts in 1979, while he was working toward his BS in Marketing at Northeastern University. At that time he was working for a corner Mom and Pop grocery store in the Dorchester area, which is part of Boston. Jim would go on to buy one of these family-run stores and expand to 5 more locations with 41 employees. He also worked weekends for a friend of his grocery store boss at a small gas station/garage/body shop in the area.

Jim and his wife moved to the Fort Myers area 15 years ago, and they love it. What’s not to love? Sunny days, warm weather (no snow to shovel) beaches, golf, all kinds of outdoor things to do including running. Jim is an avid runner, his wife Pat owns a mostly online travel agency selling all kinds of vacations, but she sells lots of runDisney packages because of the races in which Jim runs.

There’s nothing quite like feeling of crossing the finish line.

Thinking of buying or selling a business? Jim can help you. Having been involved in the business world all of his life, Jim can use his expertise and find a perfect buyer for your going business or perfect new enterprise if you want to become an entrepreneur or want to expand your exciting business.

Throughout his business career Jim has operated numerous businesses inside his grocery store, including an ice cream shop, a pizza store and a small 15 seat restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, plus he built an Exxon gas station on site, all utilizing local tradesmen. Jim is used to working hand in hand with all types of small businesses, from carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, electricians and advertising companies using both print and online media, At one time he was planning on building  a miniature golf course on site, since he felt it went hand in hand with Ice cream and pizza.

In the business world, Jim can “walk the walk”; he understands the concerns of entrepreneurs, he has been there and he can help you. In Jim’s world the glass is always “Half Full” and the “Customer is Number One”.