JD Martin

       Florida Business Broker         JD@BusinessGuideFlorida.com    713-859-3652

As a child, JD had an innate ability to fix things and put things together, learning to weld at the age of fifteen.  Welding kept him employed in the summers as a teenager and ultimately led him into an eighteen-year career in the natural gas business. 

While working as a crew leader for a natural gas company, JD attended John Brown University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.  That degree offered him the opportunity to leave small town Arkansas and move to Little Rock, where he joined an environmental, health, and safety group.  That career move prompted him to obtain a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Webster University. 

JD held seven different roles with increasing responsibilities over the course of his career in natural gas.  Never wanting to miss out on a good opportunity, he owned a handful of small businesses and served as a volunteer fire fighter as well.   

JD and his family moved from Houston to Southwest Florida in 2018 where JD has been working as a consultant helping teams and leaders improve employee engagement and team cultures in their businesses. Becoming a business broker seemed like a natural compliment to his work in business consulting, and he was inspired to get his license so that he could help buyers and sellers throughout the business sales process.

JD will continuously fight for the highest good of those he serves. His goal is to create relationships that continue long after the transaction is complete.