Awning Cleaning Business - 71427

Price - $125,000    Owner Benefit - $36,960

The firm was started when the owner saw the need for a well informed, well trained and fully capable awning cleaning company.  There are many, many awnings and canopies in use in SW Florida.  They are expensive so they all need to be cleaned and protected to extend their life. The owner has seen that good cleaning relates more to technique and the proper cleaning solutions or chemicals, than to simply "blasting" away with a pressure washer. Just because someone owns a pressure washer doesn’t mean that they are well trained and capable of solving anyone's awning cleaning needs.  The firm offers a proprietary cleaning process and has a full line of cleaning solutions, sealers and biocides that are designed to solve their customers awning cleaning needs properly and with lasting results.  They use non-toxic, specially formulated cleaners & sealers to clean and protect awnings and canopies. They have a unique four part cleaning process, which utilizes Hand Washing, Low Pressure Rinsing, Mold Treatment, and Protective Water Repellent Sealers, which keep the awning clean & protected.  All of the proprietary products that they use are guaranteed safe on any awning. Their solutions retain colorfastness and ensure longevity. They provide restoration and water repellent treatment and those treatments can repair and strengthen decaying fabrics. All Awnings, Hardware and Fabric are inspected prior to cleaning.  The owner works only 20 hours per week because of other business obligations, but he feels there is a great opportunity for someone to come in and work a full-time schedule and increase the business revenues substantially. Most of the firms business is repeat customers and referrals with very little advertising currently.  

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