Aspen Brantley

       Florida Business Broker    561-701-7882

At Green & Co., Aspen is a licensed Florida Business Broker, and a member of the Business Brokers of Florida association of professionals.

Aspen is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology with concentrations in both statistics, and neuroscience. In the future, she plans on furthering her education with hopes of an advanced degree in an extended field of psychology known as I/O, which pertains to organizations and the implications of structural hierarchy and workplace productivity. Growing up from a small town in South-West Florida where cows roamed freely in her back yard for most of her childhood, the move to the vibrant East Coast was more than just a college detour. Ultimately, this is where she was able to achieve the delicate balance between maintaining the principles that she was raised with, and the shrill reality of the big city.

Aspen and her good friend at Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grill in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Coming from 2 generations of business owners here in Florida, Aspen knows the perseverance and passion that comes with the commitment of running and maintaining your own business. Her grandfather was a serial entrepreneur that started and owned multiple businesses, and her father was founder of his own land excavation business and shell pit. Both also generated revenue with passive real estate portfolios. It was here, that her interests in real estate and the concepts of business essentially evolved. In fact, Aspen is an active investor in multiple real estate markets across the Sunshine State, but it just so happens that the very first property she acquired happened to have belonged to her Dad, almost two decades ago.

Aspen’s beloved fur-baby Sadie.

Aspen has always been able to look at things from a big picture perspective, and this is the approach she takes while working with both buyers and sellers. This concept coupled with her research analysis methods, and practical use of innovation techniques has allowed her a deeper level of understanding priority issues, identifying root causes before they impede progress, and assuring mutually reinforcing interventions until favorable results are achieved for everybody involved. The highest level of customer-service and professionalism is at the core of every relationship she builds.

In her free time, Aspen enjoys getting lost in a good book; spoiling her little Blue-Heeler named Sadie; DIY (Do-It-Yourselfer) projects around the house and yard; and trying out new places to eat with the girls.